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Welcome to Tapestry Fine Arts!    

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Upon unboxing, I was blown away! …
… incredible, in person-striking and the detail is rich in passion and feeling!”

Raphael and Samantha met by chance in India and share a passion for Arts and beautiful things. They currently share their time between France and Ontario, with their dog and two cats.

“… Do what you Love, Love what you Do …”
Wanting a life change, they created their Art Studio, TapestryFineArts in 2013 to showcase and sell their works, and it has been an incredibly enriching and rewarding journey!

“An obsession with quality, and a minute attention to details – whether pressed flowers or fine-art prints. We are constantly working with new ideas and refining our processes to make sure we bring our best pieces to your home safely, fast, and that they exceed your expectations. We put our heart in our creations, and our best reward is when we receive a picture of our pieces in their destined place.”

They participate regularly at group exhibitions and Art fairs in France and Canada.
Their works have been sold in 18 countries. 

▶︎About Raphael: 
As a young adult, Raphael studied sculpture and formal drawing at Ateliers du Musee des Arts Decoratifs, in Paris. This formal training influences his style and gave him the taste for vigorous drawing, a certain way of looking at volumes, colors, lights and shadows, that still transpire in his drawings and paintings today, as well as a predilection for nudes and figure drawing - where he tries to capture the energy and movement of the models. 

He started working on digital media in 2015, and is creating original and limited edition fine art prints of his works. He has been continually improving his process, pushing the limits of Digital Media and Giclee printing, and each fine-art print is a unique rendering on a carefully selected fine-art paper or canvas, with the right texture and feel.

“My paintings and drawings are done digitally, but “by hand”. My approach is radically different from traditional artists who sell fine-art prints of their original works. Each print is an “original”. Similar to lithographs, each print of the edition is the intended final product, an original rendering of the intent of the artist, with perfect color accuracy, and the finest details. Because the preparation of print files is a manual process, each print may be very slightly different, but always perfect! 

This ensures that each of the prints I sell is what it should be: an artwork in its own right.”

▶︎About Samantha: 
Samantha has been doing Arts & Crafts for over 30 years! From Pressed Flowers to Ceramics, Acrylic and Painting through Quilting, there is hardly any craft she hasn’t tried. She is trying to fill every day of her life with creativity and beauty.

She strives to make her pieces simple, beautiful and elegant – A unique complement to your home décor or an original gift.

“My love for gardening, landscape and nature makes its way in my Art. I enjoy working with all kinds of materials and try to produce eclectic pieces that I hope you enjoy as much as I have fun creating them! 

Each of my pieces is unique – When I work on my compositions, time stops. I try to capture the feeling of the moment, a fleeting harmony and freeze it in time”

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